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This site is addressed to everyone

in hope to find the courage to Change




Change from old traditions and cultures of grand hypocrisy

which undermines and limits the human potential.


Change from the mined path

that has been marked for us by 3 Religions.


Change to evolve in a new Awareness and to always keep in mind that our differences are only the many forms of One same energy Equal for all, as if we were the many figures built by the same Lego blocks.


These changes would cause the end of the old values

and the birth of a new Humankind.

They would also pave the way for a new system of government, a new science and a new Belief that will be aligned with Science.


While, for some of these changes we may have to wait for the next generations, there is something around the corner that our generation must expect and get ready to face without being taken by surprise.


A World War and chaos everywhere are now at our doorstep.


This World War, wanted at all costs by USA, UK and Israel,

will be inevitable and it will come by surprise.


It will be a War to hold on to that Supremacy

that they enjoy since the last World War,

and that now is at serious risk.


This new conflict will cost the life of millions of people.


Not the protests or violence in the streets

could ever oppose such threat to the whole Humankind.


It will take a new type of weapon to win this conflict.

It will take a new Awareness. 


A new Humankind will have to form one single United Front

to oppose the detailed Zionist Plan of those 3 Countries.


The people will have to recognize something new and in common to unite and to oppose the Zionist strategy: "Divide and Conquer".


The only possibility to counter the Zionist threat

is for Humankind to drop all its borders

and to become One single Country.

Aside from any possible excuse of Religion or other,

the Conflict must be defined from the beginning

only pro or against Equality

without distinctions for Religion, race or Country. 


The Awareness of Equality is the only answer to their strategy,

but how to get there?


In our days, like in the past,

the concept of Equality has been conveniently adopted by many causes that had nothing to do with Equality.

For example, Marxism is not Equality and came to exist

from one mindset that saw money as measure of what is equal.

Karl Marx was a Jewish philosopher who could not separate

from the teachings of his culture and that led him to confuse

the meaning of the concept. Recently, the media took possession of this concept by leveling Equality with the right for same sex marriage.

Still, Equality is something else.


Although many people want to pursue this ideal

much confusion makes it much too blurry to materialize.

It is not possible to Respect a concept that is not understood.


The solution to the problem starts from far away

and begins with a new and clear definition of the concept of Equality.


A recent discovery holds new meanings far beyond the scientific progress. Although scientists in the past had played with the idea that waves could transform into atoms (contrary to Einstein who instead believed that energy could be transferred through two separate mechanisms and that waves and atoms were not interchangeable)

no one before had discussed the consequences of this finding.


 Wavevolution is the link that was missing to reveal the Creation and to define the perimeters of this newly found Equality.


The origin of the Universe is revealed even by the spark appearing from the friction of two cutting blades while they are being sharpened. Try to videotape the spark appearing from those two blades, then watch again the same film while is being rewound and in slow motion. You will see the light from the spark entering the blades and becoming part of them. In fact, the photons of light are the "building blocks" of the metal blades. This simple example should also be a clear indication to explain how the whole mass had been formed in the Universe. Once they have reached one critical level of energy, lost heat as they travel and having therefore reduced their frequencies, waves collapse, also forming two subatomic particles with opposite charges, as if they were the split ends of one broken hair. Since the Big Bang, waves continue to solidify into hydrogen atoms and transform their energy in different forms of mass. 


The Human beings, made up of atoms, are the ultimate product of a slow process started by the transformation of waves.  


Wavevolution shows how the behavior in waves and atoms is identical and how one same movement in all that exists is comparable to One Universal Law or Single Will that creates the whole Universe.


The discovery of the existence of one Single Universal Will that had one beginning about 14 billion years ago and that was not caused by Humankind confirms as a consequence the Will of One Creator.




  God's Science


Erroneously, traditional science theorizes that all energy

existing in the Universe converged in One Point with its own Space and that from this Single Point, about 14 billion years ago, the whole Universe had been created.


Nevertheless, this theory is without foundations

and destined to remain inconclusive.

Its contradictions originate from Einstein's faulty conclusions

and from the reverence shown by modern scientists who are too afraid to take a new stand that may not be "aligned" with the late scientist. 


Einstein believed that the Universe was like one closed Space and that one fixed number of atoms had always existed hence he did not believe that new atoms are constantly formed from waves. The Jewish scientist also believed the Space to be independent from the concept of Time. In this regard, his confusion may have originated from that word “Makom” which had been used in the Bible to define without distinction God and also Space as if this last one was also eternal and indivisible.


Instead, any space (even the hypothetical original Point of energy) is always divisible. Each Space could be constantly split by one Movement that occurs at one Time.


There are no Time and Movement if there is no Space.

There are no Movement and Space without Time.

There are no Space and Time without Movement.

But if one of the three exists also the other two exist.


If the Creation began from One Point

existing in one Space prior to the Big Bang that same Point

could not be the beginning of Time and Creator of All things.

One Space before the Big Bang necessarily implies

also the presence of a Time pre-existing that same event.


Furthermore, one indivisible Point could not exist anyhow.

In fact, the smallest Space could only be a sphere and even if the original Point of Energy (prior to the Big Bang) was infinitely small it could not have been a sphere. The sphere has a perimeter at the diameter but also smaller perimeters as we move upward or downward from the larger diameter. The concept of “infinitely small” precludes the possibility of smaller perimeters. The unimaginable Point, infinitely small (smaller than a sphere) and indivisible, if exploded would have spread its energy at once. The lack of Space in the indivisible Point infinitely small eliminates the possibility of Time and Movement for the Creation of the Universe.

While, instead the Universe is created in Time.


Thus, the Universe did not begin from One Space

or from an indivisible Point (which does not exist).


It is difficult for us to imagine the Creation also because God,

as the First Source, caused the energy to expand

but was never moved by any other preceding cause.

The concept of causality existing in our World

does not apply to God and Its Creation.

In our World, life is a constant chain reaction.

Everything we experience is the effect of a previous cause

and also the cause for a new effect.

In fact, we have no knowledge of any source that is now moving and that was not previously moved by another source.


But how can one "First Existence" evolve from nothing?

Any existence (that we know of) lives always restricted

within the three concepts: Time, Space and Movement.

As, for example, at any moment in Time you occupy one Space during your life which is Movement.

These three concepts always exist together

or else there is lack of existence in our dimension.  


Time, Space and Movement started simultaneously

as God generated the so called Big Bang from one dimension of Stability and caused one Movement (Quantum mechanics)

which symmetrically fragments and recombines all energy

to form in Time one expanding Space: the Universe.


Since the event of the Big Bang, the Universe is like One Mirror split into many small mirrors which are constantly joining and separating through this same Movement.


Like in a big puzzle, every edge of each small mirror is symmetrically opposite and complementary to the mirror standing next on its side. Two contiguous small mirrors are attracted by this natural Movement and together they generate a new and third form of the same energy.

This is how the Universe continues to expand in always new forms.


God's Idea fragments Its energy to spread It in one Universe which is in constant expansion (dimension with Time, Space and Movement) and to fill One Void that is infinite beyond all borders (dimension without Time, Space or Movement).

This is inconceivable for us which we live restricted by those 3 concepts.


The Law of Attraction between two opposite and complementary elements is the single Universal Law

that also provides for the existence of One Order in the Universe and that rearranges the symmetries of Its fragmented forms.


All forms of energy in the Universe are orchestrated by a constant rearrangement of their magnetic fields as if they were the many pawns moved mechanically in One eternal Chess Game and by the same Hand.


Quantum mechanics is God's instrument that constantly re-unites and re-separates all energy in order to Always create new forms.


The concept "Always", so unreachable for us, is the endless bridge between one limited dimension (Universe) and One Infinite (Void).


We can now define this constant recurrence as One Law, One Direction or also One Will since It remains forever unchanged.


What is beyond the Universe and beyond Time?

If it is true that we could count Time backwards 13 billion years or even 14 billion, why not also 15 billion?


Before 14 billion years ago

(and before the Space of the Universe)

Time did not exist.


What then? Stability.

An unreachable concept for those who are made of energy.




Moses and the Bible


If up until recently there was no need to pay a great deal of attention to the Mosaic Religions it is now imperative to take a second look at the connecting link that supposedly exists between these Religions and God.


Most people are not aware that Moses was not the first to promote a monotheistic religion and to recognize only One God.

Such title belongs to pharaoh Akhenaten

who lived in Egypt at the times of Moses.

Only after Akhenaten, Moses started to write the Bible reproducing in it, with new features, a new edition of the famous Epic of Gilgamesh about 1,000 years after this had already been written.


But Moses was the first historical "prophet" recognized by Jews, Christians and Muslims. Instead Abraham, Noah and other prophets who have been reported in the Bible to have lived before Moses are only some of the many characters invented in this book, in fact, there is no historical evidence of any of these others in any place except in the Bible written by Moses.


See why Moses is fundamental and in common to these 3 Religions:

Jews believe that the Old Testament, or Torah, is God's Law.

Christians believe that Old and New Testaments are both God's Law.

Muslims, besides the Old and the New Testaments,

they believe also the Koran is God's Law.


All 3 Religions have in common

the Old Testament written by Moses as God's Law.


The Old Testament is based on the Ten Commandments

and on the alleged Divine messages given to Moses for all Mankind.


What should capture the attention is the narrative of this event. In our days, it would not be believable the story of a man who claims to have spoken with God while he was alone on a mountain and that carries two stones carved by God's finger. Instead, beyond all the logic and without any support, this claim from Moses became the single foundation upon which these 3 Religions were built.


Besides that, recent studies and researches have all confirmed that the Old Testament was written by several people who had lived in different times. It comes as a surprise the fact that the result of these studies produced by religious scholars is in net contrast with the doctrine taught by their own Religions or that Moses in the Old Testament had reported God’s textual words and wrote them by his own hand.


The difference between these two versions is unbridgeable. 


Because of the fantasies invented in the Bible it will be almost inevitable that Humanity will have to face insurmountable obstacles.

A small ground in Jerusalem represents a deeply rooted split between Jews and Muslims.

The Jews believe that their Messiah will come to Israel

only after the Temple built for King Solomon and King Herod

(and destroyed the first time in 586 B.C. and a second time in 70 A.D.) will be rebuilt for the third time in the same place as residence for their new King and Messiah. Today in Jerusalem a mosque called Al Aqsa is built right over the ruins of that Temple. The Muslims believe their Prophet Mohammed ascended to Heaven just from that site which is a place as holy for the Muslims as it is also for the Jews.

Today it is difficult to imagine the Muslims in Jerusalem to generously offer to destroy their Mosque for the Jews to rebuild their Temple. Similarly difficult is to imagine the Jews abandoning the idea to receive their own Messiah.


The solution in the end is to be found elsewhere and well beyond these 2 Religions. Although all people were made to believe that to accept science is to also reject the faith in God we should have instead an understanding of God that is not in contrast with science. Religion could then look beyond the same science without having to hold hostage the human Mind for centuries.  






Contrary to what science still believes,

at the time of the Big Bang there were no atoms

but only waves carrying energy through the infinite Void.

If we could view the Universe from outside, It would look like an egg-shaped cloud with winds running in perpetual motion inside of It.

The energy is like those winds running at maximum speed

and pushing out the borders of the Universe.


The Universe continues to expand as the waves that travel at the border of the Universe do not encounter any interference from the Void (or antimatter as they call it). These waves will forever expand the Space of the Universe they create and leave behind.


Wave-behavior relates to the medium in which the waves travel. Thus, wave-behavior at the border of the Universe is different than wave-behavior within the Universe.


Inside the Universe, waves change their frequencies by colliding with other energy during their travel. These waves, because of the encountered interference, continue to transform part of their original energy in other forms. Waves travel gradually releasing heat, or amounts of energy, and their original short wavelengths, in time become longer and longer as they carry less and less energy than they did when they first started to travel. These waves lose energy releasing it in form of other waves with wavelengths longer than their own.


For example, the gamma rays, over time, diminish their energy level (and their frequency) to become X rays, from X rays they will become ultraviolet and so on. The original quantum is not lost but distributed into other forms of energy through "spontaneous symmetry breaking".


Once reached an almost flat longitude (and lower critical energy level) these waves solidify into subatomic particles of hydrogen atoms breaking up their energy in opposite elements, like the split ends of a broken hair. When the hydrogen atoms are reached by the heat of other incoming waves they fuse together to create more complex forms of energy. During the course of 14 billion years and through this mechanism the Universe was created.




The Universe


The Creation of the Universe could be compared to a magnet hit by a hammer. Its energy is split in positive and negative charges like in a symmetry made of many fragmented elements.


As for the Law of Attraction (Quantum mechanics), the elements with opposite charges are attracted to form a new magnetic field while those with the same charges instead reject one another. In fact, for example, if we were to try to recompose a broken magnet we would notice how the interaction among the various magnetic fields would set precise distances in between those fragments, just like it happens in between the stars of the Universe. 


Imagine the Universe as a rolling ball expanding in the infinite Void and eternity of Time. From the inside, the ball seems to have crystal walls that reflect everywhere the broken symmetries of all that is within: elements of energy wandering suspended

like many broken mirrors inside that crystal.

When two opposite and complementary elements recognize each other (as for example, hydrogen and oxygen) they join to manifest a more complex form of energy (like water). But also a complex form of energy, like water, becomes attracted by the opposite dry seed to create an even more complex form of energy, like a plant. So, all forms of energy are also the elements of other more complex forms of energy. The most complex forms, like Mankind, identify with their surroundings but can also perceive the distant reality reflected by the crystal walls.


The Universe is like one broken mirror

formed by the symmetry of Its fragments.




From Waves to Atoms


Last century, it was discovered that radioactivity exists and that atoms transform into waves. Although, since then, science was not able to observe the opposite transformation from waves to atoms. This should not be the end of the story. If we kept in mind the fact that, the simple human observation remains still today the main requirement of science, to confirm the transformation from waves to atoms (Wavevolution) there is much evidence, some of it also shown in the Human body.


For example, we know that many X ray radiographs will turn human cells cancerous. That is due to the structural changes in the cells of our body. The absorption of other waves, like the X rays, modifies the original structure of some cells which start to reproduce in a form that is not anymore compatible with that of all the other cells of the body.

The X rays could be absorbed by the atoms of the cells only because energy in form of waves is their most intimate essence.


Melanoma, or skin cancer, is caused by ultraviolet waves from the Sun which interfere on the structure of the cells of the skin. Behaving similarly to X rays, the absorbed ultraviolet waves are also the cause of cancer as they change the atomic structure of those cells.


Another example is shown by the high voltage transformers placed in residential areas that cause cancer to those living in their close vicinities because of the short waves produced by magnetic fields and their consequential absorption in the Human body.




From Atoms to Waves


Energy transformation from atoms to waves occurs in all atoms with an atomic number above 82.

This phenomenon is called “spontaneous radioactivity”. 


In the case of radioactivity, for example, 100 grams of uranium is composted by 86.53 grams of lead, 13.45 grams of helium and the remaining .02 grams is the so called mass-less electromagnetic energy, or waves. After the radioactivity is exhausted, the uranium atom transforms and returns its energy to the two original atoms. At this point, inside the lead and helium atoms we will find that the combined number of protons and electrons is the same as it was in the uranium but their total weight is less than what was in the radioactive atom since .02 grams which is the weight of electromagnetic energy is now missing.



It would seem that once the atom of uranium “dies”, with the exhaustion of radioactivity, it behaves just like a living being.

Its Soul, or electromagnetic energy, leaves its body of mass behind, in form of lead and helium, like we leave our carcasses.

In fact, after death, the less dense forms of a body are quick to depart as we can smell the typical odor from the gasses. Although the very first to detach from the corpse is its rarest form: the Soul.




The Soul


The Soul needs a clear definition since it is often confused with Awareness and it has been also mystified by Religions.


The Soul is the equivalent of the batteries in a robot with remote control, whereas, the batteries have to be distinguished from the will operating that remote control.


The existence of the Soul is parallel to the existence of Life, hence it is here, in the functioning and mechanism of Life, where the existence of the Soul can be spotted.


The microcosm of our body works in accord with the same Law of Attraction (or Quantum mechanics) that also administers the macrocosm of the Universe.

Like in the Universe, also our physical body, is made up of many forms of energy and each form is composed of 2 opposite elements.


One example of the Soul's presence is shown by the sinoatrial node inside the heart that generates the electric impulses and contracts the heart allowing it to redistribute the blood and keep the body alive. The vital electrical impulse of the sinoatrial node also originates from the balance of two opposite electric charges. Death occurs when the two electric charges are unbalanced. In fact, the defibrillator works on the heart like a jump starter works on a car’s battery. The defibrillator induces uneven amounts of positive and negative electric charges to possibly re-establish a new electrical equilibrium and revive the “spark” in the sinoatrial node.


Since each form of energy generates one magnetic field,

myriads of magnetic fields exist inside our body.


The Soul is like a "gluey" long wave (also manifested by the constant body temperature, approximately 97 degrees Fahrenheit) that runs like a web through those magnetic fields and maintains a connection between all of them. 


When inside the body, a form of energy loses one of two opposite elements it also loses its magnetic field.

Death occurs when too many elements remain unpaired and the Soul loses its connection with the entirety of that body.






Energy is everything.

This definition, easier to write than to comprehend,

means that energy is all that exists from waves to Human beings.

What we know about energy is that it exists and it cannot be created or destroyed. We could only transform an already existing form of energy into other forms.


Energy is heat.

With this simple equivalence it will be possible one day to stop aging.


Every smallest particle of the human body has its own temperature because of its own particular atomic structure, just like each type of atom has its own particular temperature.


One day one sensor, capable to recognize the full atomic structure of our body, will also be able to read at any depths all the different temperatures in each of our particles. A sensor like that does not exist yet. Today it is only possible to recognize the temperature slightly deeper than skin level. This futuristic sensor could be made of two separate beams that will converge and meet from various angles inside the body. These two converging beams will be activated only when they will connect under the skin to register the contact at precise depths and to report the temperature of each particle. These two beams originating from different external positions could join at all depths under the skin and recognize the many inner body temperatures. That will give us the opportunity to generate a map of our body and maintain a constant level of energy for all particles (like in a snapshot). We could induce or also detract heat there where the energy amounts have changed. Comparing the changes in the atomic structure within the body we could also observe how they affect the functioning of the local areas and their relations with the whole body.




Two energy transformations discovered by Einstein and Planck establish two relations, one between energy and atoms and the other between energy and waves.

This means, for example, that a quantum of radio waves, a glass of water and a tree could all be translated (like all other forms of energy) into specific energy amounts of one same energy scale.


The Einstein equation: e = mc2

energy = mass multiplied by the square of light speed.

The equation translates any atoms into specific energy amounts.


The Planck equation: energy divided by the Planck’s constant

equals the wave’s frequency

(the Planck constant is .000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 006 6).

That translates into more energy in shorter waves (with higher frequencies) and less energy in longer waves (with lower frequencies).


Although these two transformations are pillars of science, the recognition of one third transformation from waves to atoms, namely Wavevolution, has not been yet adopted by the traditional science.


A new and Progressive Science shows how the transformation from waves to atoms is the connecting link that closes the circle of science to open our eyes toward new horizons never seen before.






How could a flying arrow appear to be standing still in a photograph and being in Movement at the same Time?

In relation to Time, the arrow moves through one Space which is divisible into distinct parts: the part where the arrow occupies this position, the part where it occupies that position.

But the instant is not so divisible.

In the precise instant of a photograph is the arrow moving

or standing still?

The arrow seems to exist in one dichotomy of Time.

In fact, this dilemma reveals the existence of two different dimensions, one seemingly in evolution and marked by the rhythm of Time and also One other which is in Stability and that transcends our dimension.

The snapshot captures the essence of this other Dimension existing beyond Time, Space and Movement.


Going back to the example, in the instant of a snapshot the arrow is one.

Instead, in the course of Time (and beyond the single instant),

a Moving arrow is never the same arrow. 


For example, you are now one Existence different than you are .... now.


The change of Existence (or evolution) occurs instantly.


As far-fetched as it may sound, on each moment a different arrow exists. Over a period of Time, an infinite number of arrows exist even if they are all perceived as one single arrow.

What we ordinarily think of as the same object, persisting through Time, is in fact a succession of different objects (though very similar), each one set into their unchanging present moment.

On each moment there is a different object or a different person.

This also eliminates the concept of Time for any sort of Existence.


If we could capture the present, this would be here, now and without motion as in a snapshot. The many frozen instants are like in a projector moving the film from one snapshot to the next one. In the various instants, the components are unique and even if similar they are never the same. How could an infinite number of divisible points then exist inside a limited Space?

Aristotle was first to speak about the “potential infinity” of all objects. Just like Space also Time is infinitely divisible. How could they exist, the last moment at rest and the first moment of motion like those of a train that starts to move from a railway station? What is in between these two instants since also the interval is infinitely divisible?

How could an infinite Time be contained by a limited interval?

These rhetorical questions are here to say that

Time, Space and Movement are only Human perceptions.


This new conception could result to be puzzling because even though we seem to persist through Time each of us is never the same.


In this perspective from a different dimension,

if there is no change for us, then, what does death amount to?

As incredible as it may seem, such event will amount to one other instant lived by a different person than .... you are .... now.





Destiny implies one certainty of Movement in Time

for any particle in the Universe.

The credibility of this Divine concept was placed in doubt by a small group of scientists beginning in 1927 when they imposed, in legal terms for science, their personal interpretation of both Quantum Mechanics and concept of causality.

That year in Copenhagen, the scientist Heisenberg introduced the “uncertainty principle” and according to this it is not possible to exactly determine at the same Time the Space and Movement of a particle.

The problem is that to obtain an exact position occupied in Space, for example, by an electron it takes the use of short wavelengths which transfer to the electron a great amount of energy turning that electron unpredictable and uncontrollable. Instead, to obtain a precise account of the Movement of the electron it takes a very small amount of light (very long wave) which results in a poor definition of the position in Space of that particle. The more exact and defined is the Space of a particle the more difficult is to know its Movement and vice versa.


Heisenberg manifested his frustration

in the inability to determine the exact position of an electron

and with his uncertainty principle it was then decided that

what could not be observed with human eye

will not be part of science.


Since then, simultaneity and repeatability

remain the boundaries of traditional science.


Nevertheless, the fact that we cannot yet observe the exact Space and Movement of one electron should not imply that the electron does not occupy one position in Space at any given moment in Time.


It is evident that our knowledge

occurs through the perception of our senses

but it should be equally evident that One World exists

and It is independent from our senses.


The philosophy of Subjectivism from Bohr, Einstein and Heisenberg theorized that when one electron or one photon is not observed it does not have any position and its position becomes materialized only as consequence of one human observation.

In the name of science, that arrogant assumption was sealed by these three scientists since 1927, and made into a "law".


It will take one new Progressive Science

before Humankind could see the first light of a new dawn. 



New and Old Science


One new Progressive Science

includes the transformation from waves to atoms

and new understanding of the relation between Space and Time.


The bureaucracy of traditional science denies the recognition

of Wavevolution since its verification does not meet some

of the pre-established criteria. The problem is from the compilation of these laws or criteria like the "uncertainty principle" of Heisenberg that made science incapable to deal with the concept of simultaneity.


That is why, that antiquated system of rules

was also the cause of misleading theories.


For example, the Space is not curved.

In the Theory of Relativity, a stone that falls on the ground from the window of a moving train according to Einstein also marks one parabola in Space. The intent is to show how the position of the pebble changes defining a curvature because of external forces like the moment of inertia and the force of Gravity. The misstep is here, precisely in this assumption. These forces necessarily imply also a time during which they can act, thus the simultaneity of the instant is bypassed and as a consequence the definition of that original Space is altered. What Space was the scientist exactly referring to?


If the scientist had considered that the coordinates of Space in Time are unique and unrepeatable then all of the rest would have also been "straight". That perpendicular is straight but accounted as "curve" because of the limits imposed to science that make it impossible to recognize the concept of simultaneity. In reference to each body at any moment in Time there are always only two points in Space for one perpendicular if Time and Movement were accounted for in simultaneity.

And with only two coordinated points there is no curve.


One perpendicular is unrepeatable and never the same because while the measure of it is repeatable and any measurement can be applied for different segments instead one perpendicular marked in Time will never again have that same spatial positioning. The perpendicular changes in Time but Einstein believed that the concept of Space is independent from the concept of Time.


Another example is in the special theory of relativity which denies all absolutes and meanings of truth. This is in regard to Einstein's example of two beams of light hitting one same embankment of a railroad on two Points: Point A and Point B. In between the two there is also the middle point, Point M. If one train were to run over that track then on the train we would also have Point A1 on the wagon of the train right above Point A and one other corresponding Point B1 right above Point B. We would also have on the train Point M1 above Point M. Einstein's theory is that as for Point M (not moving because on the embankment) those two beams are simultaneous and equidistant, instead, for the passenger sitting on Point M1 and moving towards Point B1 (and also toward Point B) the two beams are not simultaneous because the beam in Point B1 is being approached by the moving train, therefore closer to Point M1. In this example, while Einstein’s concept of Time is rigidly kept unchanged in regard to the embankment, instead, the concept of Space is extended also to the next moment in Time when the traveler will move even if in that precise instant the traveler has not moved yet. Since the concept of simultaneity had been put aside, Einstein considered Time to be the same while Space instead had changed.


Also, this same scientist erroneously believed that all colors in the light spectrum travel at the same speed.

Much confusion comes from these approximations.


One new Awareness will be found in between the winding creativity of the human mind and the rigid logic of numbers.





A brief definition of Awareness is important in order to have one single meaning for this concept that was the object of many interpretations.


Knowledge (or Reason) is only one of two components in Awareness.

The other is Instinct.


Awareness is born from an impact between Instinct and Reason.


The sunflowers turning their petals toward their main source of energy, the Sun, show us what Awareness is. That is sensorial understanding.


Example: Two people, one inside of a house and one outside, are both observing the same thermometer and its temperature during a cool winter night. The person inside the house has knowledge of the cold weather by looking at the thermometer. Instead, the person outside has the Awareness of the cold night because not only he can see the thermometer but he is also part of the cold night.


The same detached knowledge of the concept of cold is not sufficient to reach Awareness of what cold is. Like also the Awareness of hunger which is reachable only after having lived with hunger.

This could not be simply explained to someone who never experienced cold or hunger.


One clash between Reason and Instinct

is always necessary to produce Awareness in all individuals.

Our Instinct is our Individual chemical reaction to all external elements and it is caused by our DNA.

Instead, our Reason is constantly evolving. 

Therefore, the Awareness can also change but only if our Instinct would "feel under the skin" the changes of the new Reason.



Good and Bad


Good and Bad have different meanings if intended as Divine Wills or if instead they are attributed to human behavior.


If we were to consider this duality as God's Will

then we should take into account also the relative conditions

of this Timeless Dimension.

In fact, memory is a product of Time.

Without Time there is no memory.

If the past did not exist it would not be possible to confront

the will and the events of the present with those from the past

therefore we could not distinguish and categorize them

between Good and Bad.

Without Time any will would only exist as Single Will

and as such It would not be comparable.

That is God's Will. 



On the open ocean, two fishermen meet, each on his own boat, to dispute over their rights to fish in those waters. 

For hours they continue to argue and to hold their ground

in their opposing views, as Good and Bad would.

As it gets dark, they both need to return each to their own shore and so they start paddling back while they continue staring at each other like worst enemies.

After sometime and while moving apart, the two tired fishermen closed their eyes for a moment and lost sight of each other.

Suddenly, they could not remember any longer

from where to move away.

Without a reference of the other, the two stopped moving.

They were incapable to recognize that certain direction

that can only exist in function of its opposite.

The instant in which their memory had failed

also became their moment of "con-fusion".

Without memory (Time) of a place of origin (Space)

the two no longer had a direction (Movement).

In Stability, those two were like One.


In One Divine Dimension

(without Time, Space and Movement)

the two concepts Good and Bad do not exist.

In God's Will all is part of One same Idea.


Instead, inside the Universe,

where Time, Space and Movement coexist,

also the perceptions of Good and Bad exist.


As for the Law of Attraction,

Good and Bad are spontaneously attracted,

but with different intents:

Good wants to unite to coexist;

Bad instead wants to unite to possess.


They are both the instruments of One same mechanism.



Duality of the Universe


Everything in the Universe is made up of 2 opposite elements.

Each time two opposite and complementary elements are joined they form one new element.


Duality and symmetry are everywhere in the Universe.


In parallel, the Law of Attraction also applies among individuals.

When we admire someone, we admire the qualities we do not possess. Rarely we are attracted to someone for the qualities or the virtues that we already have. This spontaneous behavior reflects our unique chemical balance that finds an attraction in a behavior which is opposite and complementary. The unique internal chemistry of our bodies (DNA) determines our individual Instinct. Instinctive behaviors guide the attractions among individuals according to their missing and complimentary chemical elements. This is why every individual "wants" to Give or Take according to specific needs.

Two individuals that are either lacking or both exceeding in the same areas of their lives will never find an attraction for each other, just like two pointing edges of a broken egg shell will never join.


Life, formed by the union of opposite elements seems “magic” and difficult to comprehend.

It seems incredible to think that two people, a man and a woman, could enter a room and after nine months three people could exit from it.


It is instead beyond imagination the “Magic of all magic”

or that Divine Idea which reunites all forms of energy

in a Dimension without Time, Space and Movement.

Although the manifestations of Quantum mechanics reveal the gestures of One Master Plan.



The Master Plan


How could anyone think that the Universe has no Direction or Will and inside the Universe instead Humankind could have one of Its own?


In regard to a Master Plan, the main difference between western and eastern Religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam vs. Taoism and Buddhism) is precisely in the interpretation of This Will.


For eastern Religions, the Universe is like a meteorite that moves without a set direction and even if One Divine Idea were to exist That would be beyond our Reason, therefore Its search is irrelevant.


Instead, western Religions believe the Universe is like a meteorite built with a steering wheel that turns according to one presumed Free Will capable to create one Direction.


Eastern Religions preach passive acceptance for the life events and have little regards for the Human will.


Western Religions, instead, refer to the Will of the Individual

as responsible for one's destiny.


In the Bible we find one parable that is significant in this regard.

Moses explained this parable to Joshua to convince him to fight their enemies since Joshua, instead, believed God would have helped them anyway, even without their actions:

“As a big flood was running through a village, one man climbed on top of his home. One of his neighbors told him to leave the village before the water will rise even more. The man on the roof refused to leave and said he trusted God to rescue him. The water continued to rise and a man on a camel came to invite him to leave the village but again he refused feeling sure that God will save him. Finally the water rose to reach the top of the house then a man came on a boat inviting him to leave but for the third time the man refused trusting that God will come to help. The man eventually drowned. When the man met God in Heaven he was furious and asked why he wasn’t saved from that flood. God answered that He wanted to save him and had sent first the neighbor then the man with the camel and finally one more man on a boat but he had always refused”. This parable explains how, according to the Bible, God’s Will resides in our hands and we can choose or refuse to be the executors of God's Will as if God's Will depended on us.


Thus, western and eastern Religions

have different views in regard to Free Will.


For the 3 Religions of Moses,

God is Good and opposite to Bad will,

as if these Religions besides their "single" God

they also believe in another "evil" God. 


Wavevolution recognizes only One God.

Good and Bad are Human perceptions part of one Master Plan orchestrated beyond Time and in all of Its details.


In common with Christianity,

Wavevolution recognizes a sort of Equality

among all Human beings.


Aside from any eastern or western interpretation, to believe in a Master Plan is to also believe that God conceived the Universe from One Will which is defined as That and only That and if it were possible to change It even slightly because of one presumed "Free Will" or prayer then That would not be anymore the Same.



Free Will vs God's Will


Much confusion originates from the Bible because of the

so called Free Will and of its presumed coexistence with one God's Will


While Religions try to make sense of their own words,

the fact remains that One Divine Will, or Destiny,

would not be compatible with any Free Will.

It is one of the two, not both.

Clearly, the perception of Free Will exists but are the choices we make really our own or are they also Planned beyond the concept of Time?

Is it possible that every Movement is predestined and predictable (as in the rising of the Sun or the animal behavior) for all forms of energy except our own? Most people have no doubts that we are the writers of our Destiny but: 

Imagine you are reading a book and one of the protagonists on page 24 is about to go home tired from work when a friend calls to meet him. You may think at that point that the person had a choice to either go home or see his friend. But when you get to page 25 you will see that, no matter how many times you read that book, he will always make that same choice.

One book, one choice.

Is there maybe One Book and one page 25 for all of us?


The Will implies also the concept of a future Time within which that Will can become manifested. Hence, it is the concept of Time which needs to be evaluated in relation to Human Will.

Is the Will before Time or beyond Time?

Keep in mind that beyond Time the concept of "before" does not exist.


To believe in God

is to also believe that about 14 billion years ago,

God shattered the Stability with a Movement called Big Bang

and only from that moment on

the concepts of Time, Space and Movement started to exist.


There are no Time and Movement if there is no Space.

There are no Space and Movement without Time.

There are no Space and Time without Movement.

But if one of these three exists also the other two exist.


As God generated that first Movement

simultaneously God also created Space and Time.


God's Idea, Cause of the initial Movement,

is Mother of these 3 concepts.

In a dimension that also unifies the concept of Time,

the future is like the past

and in such dimension there is no Free Will.


Imagine God’s Idea as One Point that unifies all the Time, Space and Movement since they started to exist and also imagine God having the knowledge of every event in history.

For example, God knows of a tyranny which occurs before a revolution which occurs before a certain war, and so on. For God (and beyond Time) all events are reunited in one same instant. Now, imagine God to decide to bring Life to the World and to manifest this Idea. On a single instant can there be Life or can any Idea become manifested?  Surely not, for there would be no Time in which changes could occur. In One such Idea, conceived in a state of Stability, Life is like a deck of cards thrown up in the air by God and falling back on God's Hands without the presence of Time. All cards must necessarily Move in only One way to define That singular Idea. As to say that all of us are like those cards thrown in the air and that even if only one of those cards were capable to change its Movement because of one presumed "Free Will" then that Divine Idea would no longer be the same.

One Book, one choice.


Then what about the perception of Free Will? The same Law of attraction (Quantum mechanics) that moves everything in the Universe also moves our perceptions.

This complex form of inner magnetism, common to all Human beings, is instead confused with one fallible human perception, Free Will.


Our induced perception of Free Will allows us to live the same events as protagonists instead of as spectators but does not change the episodes of Destiny. In fact, the events not always coincide with our alleged Will.


In each individual, the result of all perceptions that meet at one Time and in a given Space could only result in one precise Movement.

Our presumed Free Will is then also our only possibility

... on "page 25".



The third choice


If all the goods in the World were 100 apples

and only 10 people were living on this Planet,

these 10 people would have 3 choices:


1) Each one could share the 100 apples.

2) Everyone could compete (or fight) for those 100 apples

so that some will have more than 10 apples

while others will end up with none.

3) All people could be guaranteed to have 10 apples

and those who are willing and capable to produce

from that starting point could have even more

(for example by planting the seeds of those apples).

Their work would then become a reward

besides those 10 apples which are guaranteed.


Communism is choice number one.

Capitalism is choice number two.

Commutalism is choice number three.


The difference between these 3 is that corruption could infect

the first or the second choice but not the third one

which has been built with a different structure.


Besides that,

Communism limits the human spirit and dims the ambitions which are needed to generate the spark and to stimulate new ideas for the future. This concept of sharing finds its main obstacle in the Ego within all Human beings.



Capitalism exploits those economically weak

and values the Human being according to wealth and private property. Based on competition and discordance

this system will punctually lead to unsustainable extremes.


If Commutalism were to rise

it would be like a new race for those who want to run

while for all others .... they will still have 10 apples.





Commutalism is a new concept of Democracy without politicians which is organized through the Internet and balances the needs of the Individual with the Respect for Equality.


In Commutalism, the citizens would vote directly for the laws and not the politicians. In other words, instead of voting in hope that a politician will respect the trust of the citizens to pass the laws they desired, in Commutalism the citizens themselves would vote directly for the laws by simply clicking on a keyboard. Such a form of government would eliminate the public cost of politicians, and most importantly, the cost of their corruption.


Different legislative boards composed of private citizens (each citizen taking turn) could be appointed for various bills of law. Each proposal could be introduced to public scrutiny via Internet before being subjected to the majority of the citizens that can approve it or refuse it. No law could be approved in conjunction with other laws to avoid any possible social blackmail. Each law voted separately.


One Police body composed of a larger number of citizens (also taking turn) could be formed to enforce the laws whenever asked by the individual citizens.


Trials now taking place in a Court House could be made public and undergoing the judgment of those citizens taking their turn.


Monetary funds could be allocated for different social programs and anybody could log in to see balance sheets and solvency of these funded programs. All laws would be subjected to periodical review since some of them could have been approved by a limited number of people paying more attention when these laws were first introduced or also because any new law may not be in line with all the other laws already approved.

When any citizen believes that a certain law is damaging his or her own interest a new vote would allow for a possible change of that law.

Any citizen would have the right to vote or not to vote

but his or her right could not be sold nor given to anybody.


This system of laws could manifest for the first time one Democracy as it was originally intended.


In order to accomplish that, it should be established that all human beings have the right to enough food and potable water. We could easily irrigate plantations that could be farmed in some of the many remote areas of the Planet not yet utilized. Edible vegetables can be farmed and produced with automated mechanisms to be prepared, packaged and transported until ready for their consumption.


A program like this could be funded by a common effort from the wealth already acquired by all populations. Once it is established the quantity and quality of all goods needed for this program, those goods could be transported and exchanged within a network of markets sharing the natural supplies to satisfy the existing needs in the different locations of the Planet. This program, created to sustain everyone, should be in constant evolution to provide a standard of living in tune with the contemporary wealth of its time.


All remaining goods (exceeding those allocated to satisfy the existential needs) could instead be exchanged in a new form of Capitalism.

New and transparent Free Market's rules will be applied for the trade of all superfluous goods. In regard to the transfer of private goods or services, every single transaction would have to be reported on the Net to become visible just like an invoice made public. Each private transaction would be taxed and simultaneously paid with one same fixed percentage applied for everyone. In such a system, all private properties and their owners like also all money transactions and trades of private property must be publicly reported on the Net. This is to prevent unlawful transactions and root out corruption through the immediate confiscation of those goods that have not been reported.


Moreover, to reduce Greed and restore the financial equilibrium worldwide it will be enough to eliminate the concept of inheritance.

The private property of the people will be returned to the State after the death of each person to be auctioned among all citizens.

People could spend as much as they want to educate their children but inheritance and donations would not be allowed.


Therefore, some goods will be private but earned through real competition and not corruption or favoritism.

Once the survival is guaranteed for everybody there will be no need to be tolerant with crime as we are today when the same crime is a consequence of our corrupted system.


In Commutalism, the right to own must be protected and guaranteed also for those who want to work and trade their own time to obtain more than just the basic necessities provided by the system.

Those people who will have contributed to the functioning of the social mechanism and worked to have more than what is guaranteed will also be able to obtain superfluous goods. These goods could be placed in a State auction (as if they were the Treasure bonds of a Country) for a bidding reserved among those who can dispose of means of exchange gained through work. Once the goods become privatized they could be exchanged among the citizens in a market which will be then transparent and competitive.  





The Progressive Science of Wavevolution welcomes

the existence of One God. 


There is One God's Dimension (beyond Time, Space and Movement), One Divine Idea (manifested by the single Law) and only one Destiny set for all of us to materialize That Idea through an energy Movement (Quantum mechanics) that travels in Time (since 14 billion years ago) and creates one Space (the Universe) bordering with One unimaginable Void.


There is also one limited dimension, the Universe,

where we live with "pulled strings".

Our perceptions make us believe that we live as protagonists

instead of spectators those same Life events which are part of one Destiny.


It's a Divine play.


We move for a Reason that we believe is our own

and we remain convinced of one Free Will

that would not be compatible with one Destiny and one Divine Idea.


Going back to our Time .....


Behind the curtain of a New World Order

there is one Tyranny extended to the whole World

as ultimate expression of that pyramidal concept

originated from the Animal kingdom.


A manipulated chain of events

will lead to an even greater disparity between rich and poor

and that will stretch to a breaking point.

At this point,

Humankind will be right in front of the New World Order.


There is only one alternative

and that will be a drastic change in the course of history

taking place worldwide.


It will take a new Awareness

and a Respect for that same energy we all have in common,

hence the concept of Equality.


The first step is to recognize who we are: Human Waves.




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