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The progressive science of Wavevolution

regards the transformation from waves to atoms

and its correlation to new understandings of the relation

between Space and Time.


Wavevolution extends the concept of evolution

to all forms of energy through a process of gradual changes

that transform waves into atoms.

All elements have one electric charge, one counterpart and one mass.

Mass-less does not exist.


Symmetry is everywhere.

Neutral elements are composites of two opposite charges

and are not elementary particles.


Wavevolution is the energy transformation opposite to nuclear fission.




Wavevolution is also the link that was missing to science

to reveal the Creation.


The origin of the Universe is revealed even by the spark appearing from the friction of two cutting blades while they are being sharpened. Try to videotape the spark appearing from those two blades, then watch again the same film while is being rewound and in slow motion. You will see the light from the spark entering the blades and becoming part of them. In fact, the photons of light are the "building blocks" of the metal blades. This simple example should also be a clear indication to explain how the whole mass had been formed in the Universe.

Once they have reached one critical level of energy,

lost heat as they travel and having therefore reduced their frequencies, waves collapse, also forming two subatomic particles with opposite charges, as if they were the split ends of one broken hair.

Since the Big Bang, waves continue to solidify into hydrogen atoms and transform their energy in different forms of mass. 

The Human beings, made up of atoms, are the ultimate product of a slow process started with transformed waves.


In Wavevolution all forms of energy constantly transform.

The same quantum of energy originally carried by any wave becomes gradually fragmented and dispersed by the encountered interferences. For example, quanta of gamma rays over time will lower their potential to become X rays and X rays will gradually become ultraviolet rays diminishing their original frequencies. The initial quantum of energy is transformed in different forms through spontaneous symmetry breaking.


Wavevolution shows how the behavior in waves and atoms is identical and how this single movement common to all energy

is comparable to One Divine Will that creates the whole Universe.

The discovery of the existence of One Universal Law

that had one beginning about 14 billion years ago

and that was not caused by Humankind

confirms as a consequence the existence of One Creator.


New and Old Science


In spite of two findings from Einstein and Planck,

one to show the equation between atoms and energy and the

other to discover the constant between waves' frequencies and energy, traditional science has never closed the circle.


Still today,

science does not recognize the transformation from waves to atoms.


The bureaucracy of traditional science does not allow

the recognition of Wavevolution since its verification

does not meet some of the pre-established criteria. 

The problem is from the compilation of these laws or criteria

like the “uncertainty principle” of Heisenberg

that made science incapable to deal with the concept of simultaneity.


That is why, that antiquated system of rules

was also the cause of misleading theories.


For example, Space is not “curved”.

In Einstein's paradigm, a stone that falls on the ground

from the window of a moving train also marks one parabola in Space. Although, this path is only apparent since the Earth is also moving and the Time spent by the stone to reach the ground has also changed to some degree that imaginary vertical line.

At the Time of the initial Movement when the stone falls from the window its potential trajectory is one perpendicular Space that is no longer the same as the stone continues to move until it hits the ground. If the scientist had known that the coordinates of Space in Time are unique and unrepeatable then all the rest would have also been "straight". That perpendicular is straight but accounted as “curve” because of the limits imposed to science which make it impossible to recognize the concept of simultaneity.

In reference to any one body, on each moment in Time,

there are always only two coordinates in Space for one perpendicular.
And with two coordinates there is no curve.
One perpendicular is unrepeatable and never the same

because while the measure of it is repeatable and any measurement can be applied for different segments instead one perpendicular marked in Time will never again have that same spatial positioning.

The perpendicular changes in Time but Einstein believed

that the concept of Space is independent from the concept of Time.

Another example is in the special theory of relativity

which denies all absolutes and meanings of truth.

This is in regard to Einstein's example of two beams of light

hitting one same embankment of a railroad on two Points:

Point A and Point B.

In between the two there is also the middle point, Point M.

If one train were to run over that track then on the train we would

also have Point A1 on the wagon of the train right above Point A

and one other corresponding Point B1 right above Point B.

We would also have on the train Point M1 above Point M.

Einstein's theory is that as for Point M

(not moving because on the embankment)

those two beams are simultaneous and equidistant,

instead, for the passenger sitting on Point M1 and moving

towards Point B1 (and also toward Point B) the two beams are not simultaneous because the beam in Point B1 is being approached by the moving train, therefore closer to Point M1.

In this example, while Einstein’s concept of Time

is rigidly kept unchanged in regard to the embankment,

instead, the concept of Space is extended also to the next moment in Time when the traveler will move even if in that precise instant the traveler has not moved yet.

Since the concept of simultaneity had been put aside, Einstein considered Time to be the same while Space instead had changed.


From Einstein's hypothesis is also reported

that energy and matter are analogous

but that energy transfers through two separate mechanisms:

particles and waves.

This erroneous division shows two forms of energy, particles and waves, as if they were not interchangeable.

Much confusion comes from these approximations.

Recently, the concept of a particle is under new scrutiny

in light of experiments which have shown

the smallest particles to behave just like waves.

Wave particle duality is the concept that all matter and energy

exhibit both wave-like and particle-like behavior.

One of the effects of this theory is that photons

can be calculated to have frequency, wavelength, amplitude,

and other properties inherent in wave mechanics.

In this context, Wavevolution fundamentally differs

from the Wave-particle duality in the sense that while this last theory considers the photons as particles behaving like waves

instead in Wavevolution waves transform into particles.

In Wavevolution, waves and particles are interchangeable forms

and all energy transfer through one same mechanism.

In some regards,

the progress of science came to a halt since 1927

when the credibility of Quantum Mechanics

and the concept of causality were placed in doubt.

That year in Copenhagen, the scientist Heisenberg

introduced the “uncertainty principle”

and according to this it is not possible to exactly determine

at the same Time the Space and Movement of a particle.

The problem is that to obtain an exact position occupied in Space, for example, by an electron it takes the use of short wavelengths which transfer to the electron a great amount of energy turning that electron unpredictable and uncontrollable.

Instead, to obtain a precise account of the Movement of the electron it takes a very small amount of light (very long wave) which results in a poor definition of the position in Space of that particle.


The more exact and defined is the Space of a particle

the more difficult is to know its Movement and vice versa.

Heisenberg manifested his frustration in the inability to determine the exact position of an electron and with his "uncertainty principle" it was then decided that what could not be observed with human eye it will not be part of science.

Instead, the fact that we cannot observe the exact Space and Movement of one electron should not imply

that the electron does not occupy one position in Space.

It is evident that our knowledge occurs through the perception of our senses but it should be equally evident that One World exists and It is independent from our senses.

The philosophy of Subjectivism from Bohr, Einstein and Heisenberg believes that when one electron or one photon is not observed it does not have any position and its position becomes materialized only as consequence of one human observation.
In the name of all science, this arrogant assumption

was sealed by those scientists since 1927 and made into a "law".

It will take one new Progressive Science

before Humankind could see the first light of a new dawn.





The concept “Always” is unimaginable for us

because it is beyond our limited concept of Time.
In fact, could you possibly imagine any existence or event

that has not changed in the past, that is still happening at present and that will continue to exist unchanged also in the future?

Everything seems to have a beginning and an end,

with only one exception.
Only the movement of Quantum mechanics is eternal and unchanged. This movement fragments and Always recombines all energy according to one same criteria: symmetry.

Always is the concept of this Divine instrument (Quantum mechanics) which connects one dimension limited by

Time, Space and Movement (the expanding Universe)

with One infinite Dimension like the infinite Void

which is exempt from these same 3 concepts.

The eternal Movement of Quantum mechanics

allows the Universe to Always expand.

The concept of “Always” transports in Time the concept of “Now” making both concepts unreachable and ephemeral.
“Now” is already past when is thought or even pronounced.
“Now” does not exist in the present, past or future,

confirming the illusion of the trilogy of Time.





Democracy has its origin in Greece with the concept of “Agora” or City where the citizens standing in the squares

voted the laws to express the will of their society.

Today it is unthinkable the use of a square for such a purpose,

instead, we have “representatives” of the people

which, through a mandate, approve and abrogate the laws

often without the knowledge of the citizens.

The difference between the original concept of Democracy

and its current counterpart is in the direct participation,

knowledge and expressed will of the citizens, today very marginal.


If until recently we needed to have such representatives to legislate, today, through the Internet, we could think of a new concept of square as a pulpit where each law could be exposed

and analyzed by all people before an electronic vote. 


Commutalism is a new concept of Democracy

without politicians

which is organized through the Internet and balances

the needs of the Individual with the Respect for Equality. 

In Commutalism, the citizens would vote directly

for the laws and not the politicians.

In other words, instead of voting in hope that a politician

will respect the trust of the citizens to pass the laws they desired,

in Commutalism the citizens themselves

would vote directly for the laws by simply clicking on a keyboard.

Such a form of government would eliminate the public cost

of politicians, and most importantly, the cost of their corruption.

Different legislative boards composed of private citizens

(each citizen taking turn) could be appointed for various bills of law. Each proposal could be introduced to public scrutiny via Internet before being subjected to the majority of the citizens that can approve it or refuse it.

No law could be approved in conjunction with other laws

to avoid any possible social blackmail. Each law voted separately.


One Police body composed of a larger number of citizens

(also taking turn) could be formed to enforce the laws

whenever asked by the individual citizens.


Monetary funds could be allocated for different social programs

and anybody could log in to see balance sheets and solvency

of these funded programs.


All laws would be subjected to periodical review since some of them could have been approved by a limited number of people paying more attention when these laws were first introduced or also because the new law is not in line with all the other laws already approved. When any citizen believes that a certain law is damaging his or her own interest a new vote would allow for a possible change of that law.

Any citizen would have the right to vote or not to vote

but his or her right could not be sold nor given to anybody.


Trials now taking place in a Court House could be made public

and undergoing the judgment of those citizens taking their turn.

This system of laws could manifest for the first time

one Democracy as it was originally intended.


In order to accomplish that, it should be established

that all human beings have the right to enough food and potable water. We could easily irrigate plantations that could be farmed in some of the many remote areas of the Planet not yet utilized. Edible vegetables can be farmed and produced with automated mechanisms to be prepared, packaged and transported until ready for their consumption.

A program like this could be funded by a common effort from the wealth already acquired by all populations. Once established the quantity and the quality of all goods needed for this program, those goods could be transported and exchanged within a network of markets sharing the natural supplies to satisfy the existing needs in the different locations of the Planet. This program, created to sustain everyone, should be in constant evolution to provide a standard of living in tune with the contemporary wealth of its time.


All remaining goods (exceeding those allocated to satisfy the existential needs) could instead be exchanged in a new form of Capitalism.

New and transparent Free Market's rules will be applied

for the trade of all superfluous goods.

In regard to the transfer of private goods or services,

every single transaction would have to be reported on the Net

to become visible like an invoice made public.

Each private transaction would be taxed

and simultaneously paid

with one same fixed percentage applied for everyone.


In such a system, all private properties and their owners like also all money transactions and trades of private property must be publicly reported on the Net. This is to prevent unlawful transactions and root out corruption through the immediate confiscation of those goods that have not been reported.


Moreover, to reduce Greed and restore the financial equilibrium worldwide it will be enough to eliminate the concept of inheritance.

The private property of the people will be returned to the State

after the death of each person to be auctioned among all citizens.

People could spend as much as they want to educate their children but inheritance and donations would not be allowed.

Therefore, some goods will be private but earned

through real competition and not corruption or favoritism.


Once the survival is guaranteed for everybody

there will be no need to be tolerant with crime as we are today

when the same crime is a consequence of our corrupted system.


In Commutalism, the right to own must be protected and guaranteed also for those who want to work and trade their own time to obtain more than just the basic necessities provided by the system.


Those people who will have contributed to the functioning of

the social mechanism and worked to have more than what is guaranteed will also be able to obtain superfluous goods.


These goods could be placed in a State auction (as if they were the Treasure bonds of a Country) for a bidding reserved among those who can dispose of means of exchange gained through work. Once the goods become privatized they could be exchanged among the citizens in a market which will be then transparent and competitive.





If one straight line were to be seen from both sides

it would already appear to be different.

Just like on a moving train, the passengers who are sitting next to opposite windows will experience different scenarios during the same journey. Life itself is also comparable to a moving train.

The past interactions determine our perceptions

in regard to what is in front of us now. 


Every thought corresponds to a specific alignment of neurons within our brain in a way that is unique and defines only that particular thought.

This occurs like a firework that is always reproduced

in the same way by one singular arrangement of neurons

and by their electric shocks

(called "action potential") simultaneously lit inside our brain.


One day we will be able to decode the mechanism that triggers the various neuronal arrangements taking place inside our brain and we will also be able to artificially duplicate them with their particular set of sparks. For example, when we are hungry, if we were to observe the behavior of the neurons we would see how these “little soldiers" position within our brain in the same manner each time we feel the need to eat.


As in a labyrinth where every door opens many other doors,

every thought originates from a preceding thought

which is also linked to a precise number of other thoughts.

For example, from the thought of a fish we could think of a sea view, or a seafood dinner or even a movie with sharks but the following thought would always be associated with it. Although the thoughts we have during our life are not all directly linked, all thoughts are connected indirectly by a far reaching network. Theoretically if we were to go back indefinitely to the origin of the preceding thought we could remember our first life experience.


Once we are confronted with similar situations we recall the memory of that particular neuron alignment that produces chemicals, gives orders to the muscles and determines our actions without any thinking process.


In its function, our mind is always influenced by the preceding thought and from that particular chemical balance that has produced it. Such balance leads our perception and influences our mind in the next thinking process. For example, if we had just experienced an emotionally distressed situation we would then start our next thinking process from a group of neurons already positioned within our brain and leaning toward a certain behavior. The neurons, pre-positioned from past thoughts, elaborate the ongoing events while they are already in a certain chemical balance, or a certain mood, that will contribute to one given perception for the current experience.

Our perceptions are therefore always influenced from past experiences and from one preceding chemical state of mind. 


All big surprises create a shock because of the immediate incapability of the neurons to organize and position.

In case of a shock, we often notice the consequent “dropped jaw” from the incapability of the neurons to align in any order therefore resulting in the total relaxation of the facial muscles.

The moment that more than any other will modify our perceptions is when we believe we are about to die.

Each time we experience extreme situations we will be led

to evaluations that will drastically change our perceptions.





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